Aegeus, The Stay Warehouse, Çeşme

Duration: 14 August 2021 - 30 September 2021
Participating artists: Ahmet Oran, Canan Savaş, Cem Sağbil, Ebru Yılmaz Kale, Jake Michael Singer, Jeff Robb, Sinan Polvan, Yasemin Vardarlılar
Curator: Ayşe Pınar Akalın
Creative Director: Taner Yılmaz
The Aegean Sea and the lands surrounding it have inspired many poets, thinkers, philosophers and painters throughout history with their colours, myths and stories.

Alaçatı The Stay Warehouse, in collaboration with Muse Contemporary, presents an exhibition of works inspired by Aegeus, who named the Aegean Sea in Greek mythology. In the exhibition, the artists interpret the Aegean, which has a hybrid and rich culture, in a color scale ranging from cyan to dark blue, with both abstract and figurative original works inspired by the mythology of the region.

Cem Sağbil emphasizes the richness of this land and the importance of mother nature in the bronze goddess sculptures he created in BronzHane, one of the few bronze sculpture casting workshops in Turkey, which he founded in Izmir and which he attributed to the Amazons of Smyrna. Sinan Polvan, who often includes mythological themes in his works, also refers to his bond with Poseidon and Aegeus in his surreal interpretation of Byzas, the legendary founder of Byzantion.

The color palette used by British Jeff Robb, one of the world's leading artists in the field of lenticular photography, in his three-dimensional abstract works defines this geography. Thanks to the special lenses and photography technique used, these works draw the audience in. Ahmet Oran's oil painting work with the impasto technique, in which he blends layers of blue with white, evokes the harmony of depth and waves. The color chosen by Ebru Ylmaz Kale for her sculpture called Dingin is cyan, a hybrid color that defines the Aegean and is exactly like the Aegean.

South African sculptor Jake Michael Singer's sculpture, positioned among centuries-old olive trees in the garden of Alaçatı The Stay Warehouse, is named "When the Wind Murmured", referring to the region's famous wind. Singer interprets the free oscillations of birds in unity, in his giant abstract sculpture made of stainless steel rods with a height of 3 meters by 60 cm, likening it to the wind. The artist's sculpture, interpreted in electric blue, symbolizes balance at the center of the hotel and the exhibition.

The great work of Canan Savaş, which we encounter when we enter the hotel, is one of her early works. The artist emphasizes the relationship between asymmetrical natural material and minimal order in his setup of wooden geometric forms, dominated by turquoise tones. Two new glittering and dynamic works created by the artist by applying silver and gold layers to the deep blue tones of the Aegean on Joss Paper, which has spiritual and mystical values ​​and is used in the Far East, with a technique he created, are also on display. These works, which reflect a spiritual relief that passes from material to human, both symbolize human and express value.

With the “Underwater Jewels” series, which she created by combining different materials such as natural stones, mosaics, ceramic pieces and glass, Yasemin Vardarlılar is inspired by the life under the sea and the underwater creatures. In these young works, in which he combines the dazzling texture of minerals, animals and plants under the sea with the myths and symbols of the Aegean, the people of Vardar blend color, motif and material harmony with their original interpretation.