About Muse Contemporary

Muse Contemporary Platform

Muse Contemporary is a gallery and online platform for discovering and promoting contemporary art. It brings together emerging and established artists in the art world to present a curated selection of their unique and engaging works.

In order to support and empower artists, Muse Contemporary operates as a gateway to access international markets and facilitate collaboration between artists, galleries and institutions globally.

The common language these artists have is the unique quality of their art.

Welcome to the creative world of our artists.

Muse Contemporarys Mission

Muse Contemporary has been active since 2013, bringing together historical spaces and contemporary art. Creating unique exhibitions in magical settings with established artists by marrying the past, present and future, Muse realizes projects that render art accessible to everyone who is passionate about it and aims to reach wide audiences beyond traditional boundaries of the art world.

In addition, Muse Contemporary aims to explore and support young promising artists and commits to their progress and success through unique opportunities to exhibit their works.

About the Founder

“Art is the nutrition of the soul. Artists observe the world. channel it through their own imagination and show it back to us from a different perspective. Consciously or subconsciously, we make a connection with an artwork and that enables us to face ourselves and our emotions. For me, good art speaks to your heart and to your mind." Ayse Pınar Akalin

Ayşe Pınar Akalın was born in Istanbul in 1969. After receiving her undergraduate degree in Industrial Engineering from Istanbul’s Boğaziçi University, she went on to earn her MBA from San Diego University. She worked for 17 years at Nielsen in London and Milan, in roles with global responsibilities, before deciding on a major career transition that would see her pursue her true passion and natural talents. Putting aside the corporate business world she started her second life in 2012 by enrolling at New York University to study Arts Administration and Fundraising for Art.

Since then, she has worked as a strategic art advisor for museums, international fine art galleries and art institutions in Italy, Germany and Turkey. As the founder of Muse Contemporary, she has organized numerous exhibitions. Pınar has directed and curated pop-up exhibitions giving promising young artists, working mainly in photography and sculpture, alternative spaces to exhibit their work. She is also an active voice in the art world with her contributions to blogs and articles in magazines, including titles such as Artfulliving.