Sinan Polvan

Sinan Polvan was born in Istanbul, in 1969. After graduating from the Sankt Georg’s College in Istanbul, he studied architecture at the Technical University Graz and at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna. He worked from 1990 to 1997 in Vienna and in Istanbul in architect’s offices. Since 1997, Sinan has been managing his own design office based in Istanbul, also teaching at the Bahcesehir University, Faculty of Architecture and Design, and at the Fachhochschule Salzburg, Austria. He is a board member of ÇEKÜL, The Foundation for the Promotion and Protection of the Environment and Cultural Heritage.
Specialized in art, architecture and urban history, he is the author of various papers and works. He was introduced to the plastic arts at Seniye Fenmen’s ceramic workshop in the years 1978-1980 and during his study at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, he attended the modelling workshop of Prof. Richard Vakaj. 

The Gaziantep monument of the preservation of the historical city, Gaziantep Prof. Dr. Metin Sözen monument, Eyüp Municipality monument of the 23rd April, Sinop Ayancık Governorship reliefs are among his works.

He is a draughtsman, painter and sculptor. Sinan works and lives in İstanbul. 

Agamemnon & Argynnus
Aglaopheme and Thelxipeia (Sirens)
Magna Mater