Mehrnoush Esmaeilpour

Mehrnoush was born in Tehran, Iran in 1978, where she studied Horse Breeding and Genetics in 1999. After an unfortunate accident riding horses, she had to let go of that path. She left Iran in 2004 to study architecture in Northern Cyprus, attained a master's degree in 2011 and worked as a designer and landscape architect. She also had an acting career in the movie industry for 3 years. She is currently working as a painter and sculptor.
She expresses her passion for painting “ It all started as a hobby to express my love for horses when I was only 10 years old. Painting and creating has become an outlet to tell my personal story. Horses still play a dominant role in my life and act as the soul of my canvas upon which I add varying color palettes, brush strokes and techniques. While I respect the collaborative storytelling of filmmaking, the personal spiritual journey in the act of painting has given me more freedom to intimately connect with an audience”

She has done solo and group exhibitions since 2011 in İstanbul.

You are Love
Wings to Fly