Kimathi Mafafo

Kimathi Mafafo is a multidisciplinary artist whose practise ranges from embroidery and oil painting to installation. Mafafo was born in 1984 in South Africa, her verdant imaginings are characterized by lush greenery and sensuous drapery.

She was encouraged early on to take art classes by her father. Heavily inspired by 16th and 17th-century Dutch still-life paintings she became a technically exacting artist. She obtained a National Diploma in Fine Arts from the College of Cape Town in 2007 and a National Diploma in Film and Video from Cape Peninsu- la University of Technology in 2016.

The narrative element is central to her work. Her imagery is partly guided by her desire to celebrate the black female form, inspiring women to embrace their own worth and beauty.

The Circle of Life
The Hand That Helped to Build