Contrast, Muse Contemporary Gallery, Istanbul

Duration: 8 June 2021 - 30 September 2021
Participating artists: Ahmet Oran, Bilge Alkor, Cem Sağbil, Canan Savaş, Ebru Yılmaz Kale, Jeff Robb, Kemal Seyhan, Lithian Ricci, Mahmut Celayir, Mehrnoush Esmaeilpour, Nezih Çavuşoğlu, Rahşan Düren, Reka Nyari, Rohn Meijer, Sandra Cavdar, Sinan Polvan , Süha Derbent, Jake Michael Singer, Wayne Maser 
Curator: Sinan Polvan

Online platform followed by the art gallery

Ayşe Pınar Akalın, founder and director of the Gallery and the online platform, has been carrying out various projects in the field of contemporary art, providing consultancy to museums and foreign galleries, since 2013. Akalın says that just like the online platform, curatorial selections from Turkey and the world will be featured in the Gallery. “I followed the reverse tract of the traditional by starting from the online platform and continuing with the Gallery” stated Akalın. “ I think these two channels are not alternatives; on the contrary they offer different experiences. The digital world is indispensable, especially for the young generations, while galleries also serve as meeting places for art lovers and offer the opportunity to spend time perusing works of art and perceiving them deeply. I hope that the Muse Contemporary Gallery, with qualified programs, will enliven the artistic life of the region.”

“Contrasts are life’s purports”

Sinan Polvan, curator of the first exhibition of the Muse Contemporary Gallery, presents his view of contrasts as beıng life’s purports. In his opinion, “delight cannot be conceived without sorrow, nor hope without despair, illumination without obscurity, kindness without evil, or life without death. Contrasts are vital for meaningful expression, contributing to universal harmony, sustainment and are ever repetitive but never trite. It is the artist who balances contrasts in perfect harmony and who creates the impeccable work, that is the soul.”

In addition to the new generation and doyen artists from our country, the exhibition includes world- renowned foreign artists as for instance the British artist Jeff Robb, one of the leading representatives of lenticular photography, photographers Reka Nyari and Wayne Maser from New York, whose works will be exhibited for the first time in Turkey. The young South African sculptor Jake Michael Singer, whom we know from the St Antoine “Angel” exhibition, will come to Turkey for this forthcoming event and will also start working on an impressive project that will come to life in a historical place in İstanbul, in September.