In The Light, Muse Contemporary Gallery, Istanbul

Duration: 8 December 2021 - 16 January 2022
Artist: Jake Michael Singer
Curator: Ayşe Pınar Akalın
Creative Director: Taner Yılmaz


The worn down causeway fading yesterday’s orange

Time and time again

Crying clouds dripping dry

Transformations, from one to another and nothing and then sky



Points of no beginning

Seconds before the day doesn’t begin

(at least four days in one)

The exact difference between mist and moon

Growth as the splitting of cells

The application of everything I can’t think about in material form (which is nothing)

When the background comes closer than what’s in front of you. Surely tranquility is near?

A more precise articulation of what I meant for tomorrow

All that vast yesterday, over which today I bend

All the phenomena which birthed me and you isn’t here next week

The winds bellow from far

A breath rolling in from somewhere you have never imagined

New formations. Old ideas

Being dragged face down through the microcosm

Clouds scrape my knees


Worn out. Worn in. Worn down

Freedom and discipline

Start with that which leads to something

Ending with nothing. Dark nothing

Even less than nothing, more than

An incomprehensible nothing

A void which articulates everything

The feeling of self actualisation just  before the world ends

Anything that ever could be that never was.