Karsak, Bebeköy Istanbul

Duration: 25 March - 26 April 2018
Artist: Murat Kaya


“Karsak” is the name given to the little red steppe fox found in the region of Kars. According to a rumor, the origin of the city's name is based on this.

Kaya won a total of 39 awards in two and a half years as a local nature photographer. Observing and photographing the fox, a timid and wild animal, requires great patience. In order to capture an original pose of the fox, the artist waits for hours in the harsh conditions of nature.

Foxes have a highly developed sense of smell and they act in perfect reflex, balance and aesthetics while hunting in the snow. Each jump is part of the chain, a mechanical movement that comes instinctively and is developed with experience. It takes a lot of patience, experience and luck to capture the perfect diving position of the fox.

Foxes are animals that generally live alone and love solitude, and it is not possible to view them as partners, except during breeding periods.

The fox photographs of Murat Kaya under the snow present us the nature of this intelligent, distant and beautiful animal in its simplest, aesthetic and free form.