From Cosmos to Chaos, House of Fuzuli, Istanbul

Duration: 14 - 28 February 2019
Artist: Kübra Yarar
My approach to figures is not based on an analysis of anatomy, but to analyze the anatomy of the society through the singular de-identification of the individual.

For some reason, when good things happen, when revolutions occur, when things radically change, we hide our identity and our face. Because of that, I should of course paint the people who witness everything.

Countless industrial and technological inventions were made and groundbreaking developments occurred in psychology, social and natural sciences in the first years of expressionism. Einstein's theory of relativity, Freud's psychoanalysis, discovery of x-rays and splitting of the atom required people to think completely differently, in more abstract terms. Furthermore, the emotional perception was also radically altered, life gained a whole new dynamism following these inventions. All these similar advances brought me to the limits of my intellect and mind and directed my attention and interest to quantum physics, and thus abstract perception.

Everything we think and dream of becomes real very rapidly, but we gradually become hopeless and lonely individuals. The material world we perceive outside, the self-voiding desires and pleasure seeking keeps us inside this loop. Furthermore, this world in which we are stuck naturally and inescapably drags us to a spiritual search. The point to which all these depressions and chagrin brought me is meaning beyond matter and metaphysics beyond physics...

This inner spiritual quest burst out and naturally reflected on my painting as an abstract narrative. Letting go of all these problems, chaos, complexity and show-society, expressing myself only through color and form inside an existence, in other words, the instinct to hide my words as a passive resistance, or saying them in their most simple, most basic form.

Like a song that only those who want to hear can hear.

Kübra Yarar