The Geometry of Love, Xuma Village Yalikavak

The Geometry of Love
Duration: 19 June-30 August 2016
Participating artists: Kemal Tufan, Pınar Du Pre, Ümit Turgay Durgun, Tuğberk Selçuk, Naz Sirmen, Seda Gazioğlu
"Once we were particles of Light, now we are Beings of Light, radiating Love" Rumi.
If we had to give a shape to Love, would it be different for each one of us? Fibonacci searched for the secret in the numbers within nature and created the golden ratio. Leonardo found the ideal proportions in the Vitruvian man, relating man to nature, believing the workings of the human body to be an analogy for the workings of the universe. Rumi believed in the power of Love and saw it in every shape and form, while Dervishes whirled to reach the source of all perfection.
"The Geometry of Love" exhibition explores the secret patterns within ourselves and in life itself. The molecular paintings of Pinar take the shape of Goddess Durga, the mythological mother of the universe and the shape of a Nautilus, inspired by Fibonacci's series. The witty pink birds of Tuğberk reveal the message of Rumi's famous quote, "I am a spark from the infinite". The energy they create is not synthetic, it is as natural and organic as the ancient tree they are sitting on. Every living creature, regardless of its morphological shape - whether bird or tree, stingray or snake - has a common molecule. Love. As the ancient İndian saint Sri Anadamayi Ma says "There is love between the sea and its water, between the moon and the night, and the sun and the day - the tree is fixed to the earth by its roots, the fish is bound to the water and all in love. In love does the mother conceive the child, in love does the earth hold fast to the root of the tree"
Seda's works trigger us to look deeper within ourselves to discover our weaknesses, temptations and judgements, as only with purity of heart can Awakening come. As Yogi Bhajan says, “Love is the experience of selflessness within one’s self"; The circle of life, from birth to death is a continuous pattern that repeats itself within nature, as we can see in the work "Wide experience" by Naz.
Kemal's teetotum cut out of dragonflies transforms the memory of a naive childhood toy into the motion of mystical devotion. This is why Sufi's whirl, as Kirtana says in her song "It’s awfully hard to rest with all this love and fire inside my chest"
If there is a sacred equation in the universe that binds us all, it is love. Love is the matrix of all matter.
Ayşe Pınar Akalın