Rahşan Düren


    Born in Flensburg Germany in 1975, the artist lives and works in Istanbul. Rahsan is also a medical doctor and psychiatrist.

    Professional painting experience since 2000 with various national and international solo- exhibitions and participation in contemporary shows. Debut as installation artist: 2015 with E-motions Solo-exhibition at the 14th Istanbul Art Bienale - 2015 Tuzlu – Su Painter and installation artist, landscape installations, Special artistic interests land scape installations and abstract art. Reductionist Art - Integration of scientific insights into Art as technology engineering and medicine and neuroscience – Studies and Artworks on Movement generation.

    Her Lectures include Neurobiology of Creativity, Pluralistic approach in psychiatry, Neurodynamics of Behavior, Intersection of Art and Science , Trauma and Creativity.

    Art Exhibitions and Installations:
    Various national and international exhibitions Participations in contemporary artshows. Participation at the 14th Istanbul Art -Biennale "Tuzlu Su" with the installation E-motions and the exhibition - Extinctions.

    Creator of Atelier Haydarpaşa (2016)
    A multudisciplinary collaboration of artists, musicians, engineers architects, philosophers and art - curators.