Magna Mater
Magna Mater

Magna Mater

Regular price 12,000.00TL

Magna Mater, 2020 

Cast aluminum 

27,9 H x 10,2 W x 8,1 cm

Marble stand

Weight: 2,1 kg

Limited Edition of 7

The sculpture ships in a crate



The Cult of Magna Mater, the Great Mother, is probably the oldest religion of all. The earliest stone-age sculptures depict the mother- goddess, and an idol found in Catal Höyük, 6000 years old, depict her in the form she later became worshipped as Cybele in Phrygia. The worship evolved through the millennia, but the goddess remained a symbol of the powerful female forces in the universe. Many different interpretations appeared, and various cults have interacted and mixed ideas. Not much is known about her worship in ancient times, but in her incarnation as Cybele in ancient Phrygia she started the cult which would later evolve into the cult of Magna Mater in Rome. 

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